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NB Regional Science Fair

NB Regional Science Fair

NB Regional Science Fairs are provincial level competitions where winners are

chosen to represent New Brunswick at Canada Wide Science Fair.

North-West New Brunswick Regional Fair: March 19th 2024

South-East New Brunswick Regional Fair: March 27th 2024





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For more information and to register, follow the appropriate link for your district.

Students from ASD-North, ASD-West, ASD-South and ASD-East (projects must have qualified from the District Fairs), private schools, and home schools may participate.

Have questions? Get in contact with the appropriate email!

How do I make a science fair project?

Resources for your Project

Check out mySTEMspace for ideas to get started, categories, project library (previous years STEM projects) and more.

Challenges and Topics – Choose a Challenge. The best project ideas are something you’re passionate about!

Mentors– Find a mentor to help you with your project. We all learn from experts and build on their ideas. Finding a mentor to support your project can be a great way to take it to the next level. Whether it is learning from them, getting access to supplies and tests, or just having their feedback and guidance, a mentor can be a valuable part of your project!

Resources for your projectAll of the mySTEMspace resources in one ace. Check out these resources for more information!

Initiate and Plan

This is the step where anything is possible. Dream big. Follow your passions. Ask questions. What do you want to explore? Download the Brainstorm PDF here.

Perform and Record

Get messy and dive into your project! This is where you test your discovery or innovation plans. Learn more about this here.

Analyze and Interpret

Now it’s time to look at your results. What happened and why? Learn more about analyzing and interpreting here.

Exhibit and Experience

This is when you tell your story, sharing what you learned and where you’ll go next! See an example here.


The goal of science fair participation is to empower youth to get hands-on and active in science by researching and exploring questions related to problems that interest them.

Your support makes the New Brunswick Science Fairs possible:

Each year Science East runs the New Brunswick Science Fair program through raising public and private funds.

These proceeds of sponsorship and donation to the event support the expense  of coordinating the provincial fairs, organizing the campus enrichment activities, training and organizing tour leaders, enlisting and vetting judges, as well travel costs and accommodation for the Team New Brunswick’s annual journey to the national Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Making a charitable donation to support youth science research is convenient and secure.

Select “New Brunswick Regional Science Fairs” from the drop down menu in the donations section.

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