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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

On April 8th 2024 a total solar eclipse can be witnessed from Fredericton, NB, as well as many other areas in New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada. The eclipse will start at around 3pm and totality will be observed at approximately 4:30pm.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon crosses in between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun from the Earth’s view. Total solar eclipses can only be seen in certain places on the Earth, depending on the path of the Sun and the Moon at that time. Fredericton is going to be in the path of totality for the solar eclipse happening on April 8th. Regions that are close-by will be able to see the eclipse, but only a partial one with a percentage of the Sun covered by the Moon.

How can I look at a solar eclipse?

You should never look at the sun without personal protective equipment. Harmful radiation from the Sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes. There are specific solar filters that should be used to protect your eyes, these can be found in eclipse viewers/glasses and solar filters for telescopes or binoculars. Make sure the product you use is certified ISO 12312-2 to ensure your eyes are fully protected! Never look at the sun without protection, whether it’s with your naked eyes or through binoculars or a telescope. Come to our centre to purchase eclipse viewing glasses from our gift shop!

This map depicts the solar eclipse path on April 8th, 2024. Provided by Xavier M. Jubier’s Solar Eclipse Interactive Google Maps.

What Can I do?

Science East is co-hosting Eclipse Fest Fredericton with the Royal Astronomy Society of Canada New Brunswick Centre, the Fredericton Public Library, and the City of Fredericton. See below for a calendar of events and links to our partner’s pages.


Join us at the library for a planetarium show, the downtown area for some traveling exhibits, or at our centre for a day full of space activities and an eclipse live stream!


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