Space Week – Tools in Space

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Saturday, September 22, 2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Its a week-long celebration for Science Literacy Week, with this year’s theme being: SPACE!!

Science East Activities at the Fredericton Public Library– “Tools in Space” 

10am-1pm in the Wildwood room.
Drop ins welcome!

space at library sept 22 2018

Astronaut Gloves: 
Imagine what it’s like to build something in space with your space suit on? Well at this station you get to find out! Put on your astronaut gloves and try to build structures as if you were in space.

Lunar Mission:
Join us for an exploration of the different technologies used in space to explore planets. Participants will also get to complete their own “space exploration” missions.

Astronaut Food:
What do astronauts eat in space and how is their food made? Participants will get to make their own food trays and see what tools are used to facilitate eating in space.

In partnership with Falls Brook Centre!

Fredericton Public Library