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Watch your students’ eyes light up, as our educators share an incredible experience of learning and discovery! Witness the wonders of invisible forces, our senses and much more!


            $6.00 per child, 1 adult free for every five paid admissions

            $6.00 per additional adult

Demonstrations are approximately 40 minutes duration; programs at Science East receive an additional 35 minutes of science centre exploration time. Maximum 50 students per 40 minute block. Off-site visits are subject to additional travel expenses.

Please read our booking and cancellation policy

Pre-K to Grade 1BUBBLES AND BALLOONS: Bubble over with enthusiasm while learning the science behind bubbles and balloons.
KindergartenOUR SENSES: Explore the five senses through a series of exciting experiments and demonstrations.
Grade 1
OUR ENVIRONMENT: Skulls, tracks and scat (poop)! Learn how living things meet their needs.
Grade 2
LIQUIDS AND SOLIDS: Make some incredible discoveries about liquids, solids and even air during this cool demo.
Grade 3
INVISIBLE FORCES: A shocking but attractive demonstration about magnetism and electricity.
Grade 4
SOUND: Pick up some good vibrations from singing rods, tuning forks and a spouting bowl.

LIGHT: Shed some light on the subject with prisms and UV lights. Don’t be left in the dark!

HABITAT: Skulls, tracks and scat! Learn about food chains and how animals adapt to their environment.
Grade 5
PROPERTIES AND CHANGES: This explosive demonstration shows physical and chemical changes.
Grade 6
ELECTRICITY: Get charged up, powered up, and magnetized with this shocking demo.

FLIGHT: Bernoulli bags and a hot air balloon keep this demonstration aloft.
Grade 8
OPTICS: Use both visible and invisible light to discover the world of optics—an illuminating experience.