Inquiry Based Activities

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Looking for an interactive activity to engage your participants? These hands-on workshops address specific learning outcomes from the New Brunswick Science Curriculum, while providing participants with a fun and memorable experience! For additional options, please contact Science East directly.


            $6.00 per child, 1 adult free for every five paid admissions

            $6.00 per additional adult

Inquiry-based activities are approximately 45 minutes long; programs at Science East receive an additional 30 minutes of science centre exploration time. Maximum one class per 45 minute block.  Off-site visits are subject to additional travel expenses.

Please read our booking and cancellation policy. 

OUR SENSES: Flex your senses to discover and navigate the world around you.
Grade 1
OUR ENVIRONMENT: Dissect owl pellets to see how owls meet their needs.
Grade 2
CHANGE AND THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Blast off into the world of solids, liquids and gases with this
explosive workshop.
Grade 3
INVISIBLE FORCES (Skills) : Use a fair test and choose the right material to make this a hair-raising experience.

STRUCTURES (Skills): Students discover their engineering skills with Science East’s own building challenge!
Grade 4
HABITATS: Dissect owl pellets to see how owls meet their needs and learn about the role owls and their food play in their habitat.

ROCKS, MINERALS AND EROSION: Dig for chocolate chips while learning about both the positive and negative effects of mining.

SOUND (Skills): Decibel meters help students determine which materials propagate and which dampen sound waves.
Grade 5
PROPERTIES AND CHANGES: Use the power of solids, liquids and gases to make a little bang or a big bang.

SIMPLE MACHINES: Explore how simple machines make certain tasks easier by testing them out in different scenarios.
Grade 6
FLIGHT: Govern the forces of flight and soar with this plane fabricating contest.

DIVERSITY OF LIFE: Generate a population of organisms that will evolve in response to natural selection.

ELECTRICITY (Skills): Students lean how to harness the power of the wind by designing, building and testing model windmills.
Grade 7MIXTURES AND SOLUTIONS: Combine different chemicals and create various solutions with interesting effects.

EARTH'S CRUST (Skills): Discover how remote sensing techniques are used to map out the Earth's Crust. Map out the contents of a box without looking inside using remote sensing techniques.
Grade 8
FLUIDS (Skills): Use the power of fluids to design and build a pneumatic contraption.

HEAT (Skills): Learn how infrared technology is used to map and characterize areas remotely.