STEM Kit Bookings 2021 – 2022

Two week booking for schools, at NO COST!

Science East drops the kit off and picks it up! Science East is available for virtual aid.


  • Lesson Plan
  • Extension Activities
  • Curriculum Connections
  • Story
  • Necessary Materials

To book a STEM Kit, contact

Grades K-2

BeeBots – Discover the world of bees with this pattern replicating, computational thinking STEM kit.

Ozobots – Use line following robots to answer your math problems, create a community, and more!

Waste Reduction – Learn all about compost and recycling while setting up a system for your school!

Light and Shadows

Grades 3-5

– Explore the connection between hardware and software as you use provided materials to conduct experiments around your school.

Sphero* – Use these spherical robots to learn about engineering.

Sound– Explore the level of sound in your school!

Simple Machines – Can you make a machine to move an object from one point to another?


Energy* – How does energy affect your life? Find out with these activities!

Grades 6-8

Digital Citizenship*
Water Systems*
Urban Planning

*Coming Soon