Science East’s adult science night returns with Science of Food

Tonic water


This event is now sold out. 

Science East’s popular Science After Dark series for adults is back with even more fun and fascinating experiments for grown-ups! This year, Science East is pleased to present Science After Dark: Science of Food on Friday, January 22, so expect tasty treats and thrilling science!

“Food and drink is something we all encounter every day, so it’s really neat to go a bit deeper to the science behind it,” says Michael Edwards, Director of Strategic Initiatives. “We’ll be inviting all kinds of local people who work with food everyday to showcase the science and technology they use – with plenty of samples, of course!”

Some of the hands-on experiments planned include examining the chemical structure of sugar at different temperatures, as well as the science behind our sense of taste.

“I’m really hoping we’ll have at least one or two supertasters among our guests,” says Edwards. “We have a very cool way to test for it that you’ll really want to try for yourselves.”

Science East’s adult science night is part of FROSTival, a month long winter celebration of cultural and outdoor festivals taking place in greater Fredericton from Jan 21 – February 14, 2016. Science After Dark: Science of Food is a licensed event, guests must be 19 years or older to attend.