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STEM Kit Bookings 

Two week booking for schools, at NO COST!

Science East drops the kit off and picks it up! Science East is available for virtual aid.


  • Lesson Plan
  • Extension Activities
  • Curriculum Connections
  • Story
  • Necessary Materials

To book a STEM Kit, contact science@scienceeast.nb.ca


Grades K-2

Provide students with a screen free introduction to algorithms and block coding.


Grade K-2

Students learn communication skills and re-creating patterns with these programmable robots!

Light and Shadows

Grade K-2

Explore the world of shadows and manipulate light in a variety of ways.


Grade K-8

Use line following robots to answer your math problems, create a community, and more!

Solar Eclipse

Grades K-8

This new workshop will provide students with a basic knowledge of light, shadows, and perspective!


Grades 3-5

Encourage students to use their mathematical skills while exploring sound as a scientific concept.


Grades 3-8

With simple yet engaging programming, children can control LED displays, create games, and interact with sensors.


Grades 3-5

What are the most important components of building structures? Become an engineer with this activity to find out!

Simple Machines

Grades 4-6

Can you make a machine to move an object from one point to another?

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